Step back in time and experience the rarest of rare Bourbon, Rye, Spiritus Fermenti and corn Whiskey dated and bonded from 1912-1934.  Spanning the age of the Prohibition (1920-1934), these pints have amazing stories to be told.  Aged in wood anywhere from 7-18 years, the different selections are the stuff of the Capone era.  Sold to Pharmacies under the “American Medicinal Spirits Act”, they are 100 Proof, bottled in bond.  Each bottle will satisfy approximately 16-20 tastings of an ounce or so.  Angel Share is already taken!  Each bottle pricing varies by product, angel share, rarity and condition.  No discounts, this is 100 year old stuff!! Several bottles of assorted liquors are also available including Glenfiddich and Glenlivet (circa 1936), Havana Club Pre-Embargo Cuban Rum, assorted aperitif and Cognacs.  Email us for information on the private sales