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Our cigar programs for Corporate or destination groups, is legendary!  We engage the guests using the history of the cigar industry to weave a story and share a legacy of the growth of capitalism as told through this intimate part of the American story.  Done as a demonstration of not only HOW a cigar is made, step by step, but answering questions that your guests and clients have about legends they may have heard over time.  So many of the guests have a romantic memory of a father or a grandfather, a favorite Uncle or a boss that loved a cigar.  Helping them relive that emotional tie, teaching them about the products allows them to harken back to their youth and relive memories long forgotten. Our cigars are made in several sizes and shapes, and create 8-10 different blends to match the perfect product to the guest, like matching the PERFECT wine for an individual. Our programs are complete, we provide all the cutters for the guests and baggies for to go bags! Custom logo art for private label available to any group or size from 16 to 1000!  Custom cutters or baggies or matches with logo and over 100 other amenities can be added to totally engage the senses for your company and guests! Contact us for pricing and details through email at or call us at 623-594-4020 Pricing varies by state due to tobacco taxes, travel fees may apply.