“Telling the Story of Americana through the lens of the Tobacco Industry”

Corporate Destination Events:

With over 300 destination resorts in FUMAR CIGARS luxury hospitality division , catering to the business traveler and corporate travel, event planning and entertainment are key components to any successful program. Originality drives guest experience. Our event planning team has over 100 years of experience in the hospitality industry at the luxury level providing us with a pivotal view of what CAN happen!

Our cigar rolling experiences are always memorable. “Telling the story of Americana through the lens of the tobacco industry” is the KEY to our program. We are historians, artists and storytellers . Not just a passive observation, our program is interactive, engaging and exciting for even non cigar smokers. As the industry originator , we innovate and adapt to each individual event. Our presentation, as seen by the pictures, is a walk through time, engaging the senses of sight and smell, wonder and education.

We can custom make cigars with any corporate logo or event logo. We can add to the experience using all the major manufacturers most desired cigars in simple packages.

Deluxe Package : Featuring all of the major and boutique signature cigars.

Premium Package : Featuring Vintage lines, exclusive boutique cigars from the famous personalities in the industry.

Luxury Package: Memory makers! Cigars clients wish they could find and enjoy all of the time, but, rarely have the opportunity.

Rare and Hard to Find : Single Production, aged collectibles, allotment cigars, Pre-Embargo Cubans!

Prices for the packages and the hand rolled experience vary by state due to excise taxes unique to each. Call for more info, book an event, EXPERIENCE THE MOMENT!

Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale Az office of the day!! Party for 1000!Warm up for Barrett Jackson starting Saturday for 9 days. 350,000 people!

Posted by Fumar Cigars on Thursday, January 21, 2016